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Target Prospects around a Jobsite or Location

Target Neighbors

Need to target homes or prospects around a specific location or jobsite? TargetNeighbors enables businesses to quickly mail personalized and customized postcards to neighbors surrounding their current customers.

Getting a direct mail campaigns designed, printed and mailed can be frustrating for smaller customers. Now you can benefit from the same design and print expertise that larger clients receive. is a fast, easy and affordable way for businesses of all sizes to make direct mail hassle-free and profitable.

This print-on-demand program lets you create a customize postcard exclusively for your business. Select the addresses you want to target, and within two days, we’ll print and mail your postcards.

Are you a roofing, air conditioning, concrete, painting or fence contractor? lets you mail postcards offers to select addresses around your jobsites.

  • Order mailings as often as you like
  • Target as few as 50 prospects
  • Add variable information, such as recipient name, address and city for increased response
  • Change your offer or message for each mailing

About is a product of our sister company, Haines Information Products. Our parent company, Haines & Company, Inc., has been providing information-based marketing solutions for businesses nationwide since 1932.

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