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Need Solar Leads? Here's How to Find Them


Solar energy is an industry with a massive amount of potential. According to a recent Pew survey, only 6% of American homeowners already have solar panels installed. But almost half (46%) have seriously considered investing in solar panels for their homes. This means that ambitious sales professionals should be aggressive when they search for solar leads in their area. Millions of homeowners have an interest in solar energy. Some value solar energy for its positive environmental effects –– others for its cost-savings potential. Regardless, these tips will help you identify quality solar leads in your market:

Old-School Tactics

While new lead-generation techniques may be more efficient (and effective) than traditional methods, old-school techniques can still produce results for sales pros. Cold-calling, canvassing a neighborhood, and referrals can all lead to solar panel sales. And it’s never a bad thing to speak to actual people in your neighborhood. By getting out into the community, you can get a better understanding of the market, develop trust with important contacts, and learn a few things that you might’ve missed if you only used digital lead-generation tools. 

Inbound Marketing

As opposed to outbound marketing, which relies on professionals to reach out to strangers to see if they have an interest in a product or service, inbound digital marketing helps consumers who already have a strong interest in a product or service find your business. Inbound marketing is a varied and complex field, and it can include numerous tactics such as: 

  • Ads on search engines.

  • Ads on social media. 

  • Blog posts.

  • Guest articles. 

  • Pillar pages.

  • E-books. 

  • Email marketing

Ultimately, your inbound marketing efforts should act to boost your online profile and increase your company’s visibility. That way, when a consumer searches for a term like “solar panel installation” they can quickly find a blog you wrote on the subject. Or, if a consumer visited your website once, you can strategically re-target them with ads to win them over for good. 

Use a Lead-Generation Tool

Successful sales professionals build out detailed buyer personas in order to identify potential leads. In your research, you may find that the best solar leads in your area share some common characteristics. They may skew younger, have higher income levels, or they may be new to the neighborhood for example. Armed with this knowledge, you can use sophisticated sales tools like Haines Criss+Cross™ to connect with leads who fit your internal profiles. Criss+Cross™ is a searchable database that contains detailed information about properties and homeowners in your area. With Criss+Cross™ sales professionals can:

  • Find new or first-time homeowners. 

  • Search for leads based on property value and income level.

  • Access up-to-date contact information like cell phone numbers and email addresses. 

  • Access detailed property information such as roof type.

As opposed to buying lead lists, which can vary wildly in quality and cost, using a lead-generation tool will allow businesses to form their own contacts and identify good leads much more efficiently. 

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At Haines, we have years of experience working with sales professionals in a variety of fields. We can help your organization advertise more effectively by showing you how to identify and connect with quality leads in your area. The solar energy market is poised for exciting growth, and our team can help you maximize your sales opportunities. Contact us here to learn more about our services.


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