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Need Mortgage Leads? Try These Solutions


For mortgage lenders and brokers, finding quality leads represents both a challenge and an opportunity. Indeed, though it may be difficult to connect with leads who require your services, professionals who manage to contact qualified mortgage leads on a regular basis have every chance to succeed and grow their business. To that end, today we’ll review some innovative ways brokers and lenders can connect with good mortgage leads in their area. Check them out here:

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

More and more business connections occur online every day. While personal relationships still matter a great deal (and we’ll touch on this subject soon), the fact of the matter is that many consumers find mortgage lenders through search engines like Google. As such, it’s imperative for mortgage brokers to have a strong search engine marketing (SEM) strategy that incorporates both paid advertisements and organic search. 

In other words, professionals looking to boost their lead list may consider investing in advertisements for lucrative keywords on search engines. For example, your business may benefit from running ads based around keywords like “mortgage lender,” or “how to mortgage a house.” 

Additionally, content is crucial to attracting more online leads. Not only can blogs and pillar pages act to answer key consumer questions, but regular content creation is one of the best ways to enhance the visibility of your site over a long period of time. 

Business Connections

Sales is all about people. It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to the profession or if you’ve been a lender for 20+ years, there are always new connections you can establish in the community to help you find potential leads. Some partners that could produce quality mortgage leads include: 

  • Real estate agents
  • Financial planners 
  • Divorce attorneys 
  • Community banks and credit unions 

These are just a few examples of people and organizations you may want to reach out to in your community. The truth is you never quite know where your next lead may come from, though, so keeping your mind open could prove beneficial in the long run. 

Social Media

In the absence of in-person meetings, social media is perhaps the most straightforward way to court leads and strengthen business partnerships. Innovative mortgage lenders can use social media as a platform to promote their services –– as well as to contact potential leads directly. Lastly, purchasing advertising space –– particularly on a site like Facebook –– can help your organization increase brand awareness and find more meaningful leads. It’s hard to imagine developing a leads list without social media in this modern business era.  

Invest in a Leads Database 

Software programs like Criss+Cross allow sales professionals in the mortgage industry to quickly and accurately search for key information about potential leads in their area. This software was designed to enable brokers to identify potential leads based on behavior and demographic data. Plus, it provides lenders with up-to-date contact information, and it can be integrated with a current leads list. This is the ultimate lead generation tool, and it will help you streamline your sales process and produce more results than a simple leads list ever could. 


At Haines, we have years of experience working with mortgage lenders and brokers. We can help you identify and connect with quality leads in your market, and our products specifically designed to address your needs. Contact us here for more information!


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